Breast whipping (Tit whipping)

In our this weeks whipping story we are presenting an outdoor breast whipping, which culminates in an intensive pussy whipping. Enjoy this new whipping story:

breast whipping 051 e1329703218964 Breast whipping (Tit whipping)

breast whipping 011 e1329706172977 Breast whipping (Tit whipping)We have our rules at Paingate. They are set in stone and the girls know them. When we are joining a house for a shooting or even just vacation, every girl has her duties. And if they don’t fullfill them, they have to feel the consequences. Nora was new, it was her first shooting, but still she should have known better. She could have saved herself the trouble of a breast whipping…
When Nora arrived at he paingate house, she was instructed what her duties were. She was responsible for the garden. She was told that after she moved into her room, she was supposed to do the lawn mowing in the garden.

breast whipping 021 e1329706329520 Breast whipping (Tit whipping)It was a sunny afternoon and after she arrived in the garden, Nora’s thought was: “You know what, the lawn can wait. It’s too hot for work anyway. I am going to take a sunbath and do the lawn mowing in the evening.”

breast whipping 031 e1329706414257 Breast whipping (Tit whipping)The Instructice was watching the whole scene form a window and expected Nora to start her work right away. But before she knew what was happening, Nora took off all her clothes, grabbed a garden chair and sat down naked to take a sunbath. She even started putting some sun creme on her breasts. That was enough for the Instructice, she raged outside and started shouting at Nora:breast whipping e1329706509258 Breast whipping (Tit whipping)
“Who do you think you are? We told you to mow the lawn and you do what? Bathing your breasts in the sun.”
“Instructice, please, I can explain…”
“Nora, shut up!. I know a better cure for your tits and The Machine will do all the work for you. Machine will give you a severe breast whipping…”
In the corner of her eye Nora glanced that the Machine also¬† hurried into the garden, holding a couple of whips. Bad news, Nora thought and she was right…

breast whipping 061 e1329706583381 Breast whipping (Tit whipping)
The Machine grabbed her arm and pulled her to the mower.
“I am going to teach you how to sit on a mower…”
Nora had to sit with her bare ass on the mowers steering wheel, exposing her breasts for whatever whip he was going to chose.
“We are going to start with a breast whipping lesson…”, the Machine announced and before he finished the sentence, Nora felt stinging pain in her tits. The machine was in a rage and whipped her breast stroke by stroke. ..

breast whipping 101 e1329706687815 Breast whipping (Tit whipping)
Nora started screaming: “Stop! Please! This was just peanuts, you are overreacting…”
“Sweetheart, THIS is just peanuts. Believe me it’s going to get worse for you…”
In the same moment Machine switched whips, came up with the multi-tailed Cat O Nine whip and instantly started whipping her belly…
“Aaahhh, that hurts so much…”
“You had your choice”, was Machines ice cold reply while he continued to treat her.
“And you know what?”, he kept tutoring, “I can still shift up a gear…”

breast whipping 141 e1329706793132 Breast whipping (Tit whipping)And with an experienced grab he opened her legs, exposing her pussy for the lecture that was going to follow. Even though Nora never had undergone it before, she kind of felt it was going to happen now. She was ripe for a hard and intensive pussy whipping…

breast whipping 181 e1329706858995 Breast whipping (Tit whipping)
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