Bullwhipped by strangers

“Bullwhipped by strangers” is this week’s whipping story, enjoy:

It’s dark. Where am I? All I can feel is, that I am kind of hung up. My arms are tied up, I am somehow handcuffed. There is something in front of my eyes. The reason for the bullwhipped by strangers 021 e1319823992906 Bullwhipped by strangersdarkness. Someone blindfolded me. How did I get here? I can’t remember, I have no idea…

I hear a noise. Someone is in here. “Hello, who is there?” I ask. No response. “Hello?” Nothing.

Someone is breathing. I can hear it, I can feel it, I can even smell it. “Who is there? Please… talk to me” Again, silence.

If I only could recall what happened. But there is nothing. My head is empty, a total vacuum.

“Please… I know you are here… Why don’t you talk to me?”

Suddenly I feel someone touching my ass from behind. I scream out loud. He doesn’t stop. bullwhipped by strangers 031 e1319824832841 Bullwhipped by strangersHe feels up my whole bottom. This is disgusting and this is not a joke – I’m in serious trouble.

So it is not only one person, there must be more, there are at least two of them.

“Stop that! What are you doing?”, I scream. I didn’t think it would help, but actually it works. He stopped. Silence.

The last night comes to memory. Blurry. I’ve been out dancing with Jodie. We started at her apartment, having some drinks, for a cheap warm-up. After that we went to Barney’s, a small…

bullwhipped by strangers 062 e1319826498224 Bullwhipped by strangersFinally, Light! Someone removed my blindfold. I can hardly see… “Ahhh!!”, I scream, the ugliest face I’ve ever seen… but wait, it’s not for real, it’s a mask, yeah, like an ugly carnival mask.

Now he is taking my slip off, “Stop that!”, but this time it failed to work, I am naked. He still stands in front of me, smelling my slip, bathing in my pussy smell.

Barney’s. A small club in our district. We danced, danced endlessly, me and Jodie. After a couple of hours it was time for a drink. We headed towards the bullwhipped by strangers 081 e1319831815415 Bullwhipped by strangersbar. There were these three guys staring at us. “We haven’t seen you girls here before. First-timers?” the tall one asked us…

What is this? A tall guy is coming. A different one than the first. He has a mask looking like a woman. This is bullwhipped by strangers 121 e1319832029519 Bullwhipped by strangersfrightening. He has something in his hand. It’s black and white. What is it? He enfolds me from behind, playing with me, playing with this black and white thing. And now I recognize what it is: it is a bullwhip! Bullwhipped, I am going to get bullwhipped…

To see how this scene ends, download the top HD Video of the whole bullwhipped-by-strangers-story here.



Ass punishment

after our foray into whipping videos, we are now back continuing or whipping stories series. Jana sent us this story about her ass punishment:

Hello, I am Jana and I am aged 24. I got an ass punishment by my boyfriend…

ass punishment02 e1318747677456 Ass punishmentOriginally I am from Belarus. I grew up in a small town. At no point did I enjoy living there. So as soon as I was finished with school, I went to Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

Life was so different there. So many people, everyone was busy and rushing. But after all, life was expensive there. So I had to work pretty hard to get along. Daytime I worked in a coffeehouse, while in the evening I was doing side jobs, like working in a cinema. The bottom-line is, that there was no time left for ass punishment05 e1318747855457 Ass punishmentamusements. Sure enough, I had the one or other quick affair with colleagues, but my love life was everything but perfect.

ass punishment06 e1318747939302 Ass punishmentBelieve it or not, most of the men in Belarus develop some problem with alcohol in their life. For this reason I was bound and determined to look for a foreign guy.

This stuff is pretty easy these days. I googled for dating agencies and in no time I had contact with several men from around ass punishment07 e1318748053168 Ass punishmentthe world. One of this guys was outstanding.

His name was George and he came from London, but lived ass punishment08 e1318748169746 Ass punishmenton Malta since a couple of years. He dealt with yachts. George was handsome and so charming. Right after our first Skype video session, I became his slave.

ass punishment09 e1318748301115 Ass punishmentAfter a couple of weeks of Internet contact, I visited him on Malta and we fell in deep love. Instantly I gave up my flat, my life in Minsk and moved to George. Our first summer was exiting, romantic, what ever a young woman dreams of. But things changed quickly.

More often he came back home late and usually pretty drunk. “I have to deal a lot with ass punishment10 e1318748375788 Ass punishmentArabic businessmen”, was his excuse. “They are not allowed to drink in their home countries, so they are looking for amusement here. I need to sell boats, so I have to serve my clients in many ways.”

Needless to say that I was not amused. Remember why I decided not to get engaged with a compatriot of mine? Now I had the trouble that I had fled of.


ass punishment12 e1318748451830 Ass punishmentOne evening, he did not show up at all. In the early morning I got woken up by loud rumbling and singing. I looked out of the window and saw George coming home with what looked like an Arabic business friend. Never before have I seen George this drunk.

I hurried down the stairs, ripped open the door and started shouting at him “Do you know what time it is? Where have you been whole night?”

“Shut the fuck up you whore.” he said in a tone I never heard from him before. I yelled back “are you totally crazy now? You are both ass punishment13 e1318748547761 Ass punishmentalcoholics, get lost, I won’t let you in!”
“You had your chance lil bitch. I told you to shut up. I think me and Murat are going to show you, how they deal with rebellious women in his country…”

“You are totally out of your mind…” I replied and tried to close the door. But no matter how drunken George was, he was quicker and blocked the door with his foot. “Murat, why don’t you get the two whips out of the car, that you showed me earlier. I am so curious to experience the ass punishment you described…”

Things happened quickly now. George grabbed me brutally, while Murat hurried back to the car. The Arab was back in no time, carrying two whips and a long rope. They ripped of my clothes brutally, only left my boots on. Then I got tied to the door knobs. My ass was exposed to the two defilers.

“Get ready for your ass punishment…”, I heard George say in the background. “SPANKKK!!!”

ass punishment14 e1318748620860 Ass punishmentThe first whiplash cracked on my ass and I screamed out loud. “WHOOOOSH!!!” The next stroke hit my ass even harder. George kept hitting me like a maniac. The pain was unbelievable.

Meanwhile Murat tied the long whip around my ankle and pulled my right leg backwards. This way my ass got even more exposed to the hard whiplashes. pic 654 e1318748683958 Ass punishment“That’s our ass punishment specialty”, he laughed sadistically…


My ass punishment went on for another twenty minutes. To really experience what happened, you need to go and watch the complete video in high quality. Also 125 HD images of the ass punishment are waiting for you.


Orgasm Torture

introducing a couple of torture stories, I premiere with a story of a vacation I’ve done with my girlfriend Cindy, “The Orgasm Torture”:

my girlfriend and me are pretty busy over the year. I do in real estates and she works as a waitress in a cocktail bar.  Sounds funny? Well, of course my income would suffice for both of us having an easy lifestyle, but she says she wants to do her “own” thing and so I let her do it.

Nonetheless at one point we had enough of all the stress and decided to take a weak off in September. We booked some impressive Finca (which is a Spanish expression for country house) on Ibiza, a Mediterranean Island. A couple of flight hours later, we got there.

At this time of the year it’s the perfect weather over there. Still warm enough for sun bathing and swimming, but not as broiling as in the midsummer.

My girlfriend is a bit slutty, so she decided to move around completely naked. That was fine, as we had a huge property which was way apart from all the tourist centers. By the way she looked so hot, with her big natural boobies and her complexion getting darker under mediterranean sun.

The second day she stood at a kind of ancient pillar that we discovered on the premises. “I wonder how many women got tied to this column in ancient times?” she said. “Why would anyone do this?” I asked back. “Maybe to get her whipped?” was her response and with a cheeky smile in her face she attached “maybe you would want to whip me right here?… Right now?!”

Orgasm Torture 214x300 Orgasm Torture

That was enough of obvious hints to get me going. I remembered, they had a lot of old stuff as wall decoration in the land house. Things like old used saddles, torches and a lot of things I can’t even name. But I remembered there was an old horsewhip, so I rushed. I snapped it from the wall, also an old lasso that was next to it. In just a few seconds I was back at Cindy’s statue and it seemed as if the bare view of my vigorous acting made her randy.

Orgasm Torture 2 215x300 Orgasm Torture

Without further talking I bound the rope around her slim waist and I could already feel how she relished any random touch of mine.

Orgasm Torture 3 213x300 Orgasm Torture

I did a step back and “whoosh!” without any warning I smashed the whip on her tits. The first hit she tried to parry with her left hand, the second strike fully hit the target. She let it happen, didn’t even try to conceal her pleasure…Hot! She was on the way to her first orgasm torture…

tortured orgasm 214x300 Orgasm Torture

While I went deeper to whip her belly, she was massaging her tits, as if she was acting versus the pain. But we both knew she was doing it out of sexual arousal. She already was close to a whipping orgasm…

tortured orgasm 2 262x300 Orgasm Torture

I started hitting her deeper and flogged her clitoris. The lips got instantly swollen, but I kept whipping. Cindy’s moaning increased ecstatically whip by whip. No doubt, she was to cum.

tortured orgasm 3 150x150 Orgasm Torture       Torture Stories 150x150 Orgasm Torture      Torture Story 150x150 Orgasm Torture

Her body cramped in a mix of pain and lust. She screamed out hysterically “hit me harder, I’m coming, I’m coming,…ahhh” and I could watch her body exploding…


Minutes later, when I unbound her, her hands, her body, the whole girl was still shaking.

Orgasm Torture Story 214x300 Orgasm Torture

“Thanks for my first tortured orgasm” she muttered, “those ancient girls must have had satisfied lives”. And with this shameless smile back in her face, she asked “what do you think they used this pillar over there for?…”


I hope you guys enjoyed this short torture story, for more pics of the Orgasm Torture go here.

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Stay tuned, more torture and whipping stories soon to cum icon smile Orgasm Torture