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People are asking for more whipping stories, so here we go. Today Mistress Angelique is going to report from her duties at the FCC – enjoy her school punishment or my we say caning style disciplining…

My name is Angelique. I work for the FCC. Oh, you haven’t heard about the FCC yet? Well, the Female Correction Center is a private institution, specialized on young womens training. “What kind of training?”, you may ask. For the most part we are teaching and polishing the girl’s manners here in the FCC. The young women are usually sent by their parents, boyfriends or husbands. Today I had an interesting case…

Before I treat one of my clients, I use to go through their files. So her name was Felicitas, 18 years old, nice name and there was a cute picture beside it, why was she sent to the Female Correction Center?
She was sent in by her parents. From what I could read from her file, she was a rebellious girl. Smoking on class breaks, talking pretty nasty, having multiple boyfriends – just to mention only some of her delinquencies.

whipping stories 011 e1329331470319 Whipping storiesI heard a timid knocking at my office door. “Come in!”, I ordered.
Felicitas entered the room and closed the door. There she stood. A pretty girl and she looked very proud, like a little ballerina, on the edge of appearing arrogant.

“Can’t you talk?” I asked her with a loud voice and in a dominating tone. “Sure I can, what do you want to know?, she asked in a cheeky manner.
“Listen girl, I am the one asking questions here, not you. You understand?”
“Yes Mam”, was her reply.
Now I got a bit louder. “Never ever call me Mam again, I am your Mistress, you understand?”
She swallowed and I could see in her face, that she was fighting with herself, but after a few seconds she subordinated, “Yes Mistress, I understand.”


whipping stories 021 e1329331944834 Whipping stories“Fine”, I said and got a step closer to her. “So you are here for your prime lesson at the FCC, right?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Ok, but what kind of dress is this? You are showing up here like a little bitch.”
I went another step closer and pulled at her top. “Look, your nipples coming out by the smallest touch.” Felicitas looked at her own half bare tits with a mildly embarrassed smile.
I could see her left pierced nipple and it was conspicuous hard.
“It nearly seems like you are enjoying this. I think we talked enough an we’ll go on with your initial disciplining.”
Felicitas did not look worried at all. Was she excited about what was going to happen?

whipping stories 031 e1329332087573 Whipping stories“Now turn around, lift your skirt and pull your undies down – we have no time to waste.”
The girl obeyed and turned around. She delayed lifting her skirt, but she finally did so.

Not much to my surprise this little bitch was not even wearing lingerie.
“What is that?”, I asked. “You are coming to our first meeting, completely naked under your skirt?”


whipping stories e1329332371127 Whipping storiesFelicitas turned around quickly and with a close to crying face she tried to explain.
“Mistress, I can explain. I was in a hurry this morning, when I came …

“STOP! Enough said!”, I interrupted her. Turn around again, lean with your hands against the door and press your bottom back!”
She obeyed again.
“From now on I gonna let my little friend talk to you. He speaks the language you probably understand best.”

whipping stories 061 e1329332574158 Whipping storiesInstantly I got my riding crop in front, which I was hiding behind my back the whole time. With a zipping sound I let the crop crack on her fleshy sexy ass. She screamed. Red stripes were showing whipping stories 071 e1329332692360 Whipping storiesup immediately on her buttocks. Another strike and another.
“Ouch!”, she complained and touched with her right hand on her burning ass.

“Put your hands back to the door!” I commanded her.
And with another zipping sound the whip targeted her ass again…

whipping stories 131 e1329332901467 Whipping storiesIf you want to see the full length ass cropping story, click here for the high quality video.

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BDSM whipping stories

due to the great feedback to our BDSM whipping stories series, we decided to go for more of them and if possible make them better, larger and whatever you ask for, as much as we can. You are encouraged to give us more hints, to where our future path should lead. BDSM whipping stories, whipping videos, whipping galleries, we’ll post what ever you ask for. So here is our todays BDSM whipping story, “The Model”, enjoy:

bdsm whipping stories 141 e1320350943379 BDSM whipping storiesI am naked and handcuffed, my hands are pulled up and this guy, who was a stranger to me an hour ago, is whipping my ass like as his live depended on it.

This is the first time in my life I get whipped. Red welts show up all over my back and my ass. Lash after lash this man makes my buttocks quake.

But the most absurd part about this is, I am actually enjoying it, I love it, I don’t want it to stop, never, give me more…


But let’s start at the beginning: I am Patricia, I am 24 years old and I am a photo model. Believe it or not, 24 is quite an age for a photo model. There is so much young competition out there, the girls get younger and younger every week. These days you see 16 years old girls walking for top designers on fashion weeks in Paris, New York bdsm whipping stories 011 e1320355046687 BDSM whipping storiesand Tokyo. I mean, I still feel young and sexy, but things are not easy in my business.

bdsm whipping stories 021 e1320355130989 BDSM whipping storiesSo last week I got that call. It was my agency. They said a client booked me and I have to show up at some old factory ruin on Monday. The payment was good, so I accepted and went there this morning.

This was some lonely scaring area. I didn’t even want to leave my car. So I waited a couple of minutes and just in the moment when I wanted to disappear, this guy came running to my car. He had some photo-equipment in his hands, so I was positive this was bdsm whipping stories 031 e1320355202599 BDSM whipping storiesMr. Foster, the client. “Hey!”, he shouted, “don’t leave. You must be Patricia, right?” He was middle-aged and looked decent, not the kind of guy that would scare you off. So I left bdsm whipping stories 051 e1320355373862 BDSM whipping storiesthe car. “Hi! Mr. Foster?” I asked. “Sure, Sure.”, he replied, “I just prepared the setting in there. If you don’t mind, come in, just as you are. You look beautiful, we don’t have to change anything. You are perfect!”

I was looking around for the staff, which you would expect to find at a shooting, hair stylists, makeup artists, you know, the crew. But there was no one. Just me and Mr. Foster…

bdsm whipping stories 061 e1320355448758 BDSM whipping stories“Please, come in Patricia…”, he was waving with his equipment at a small entrance to this rundown building. He looked funny with his windswept hair. Again, he looked like an absent-minded professor, I trusted him, so I followed.

This place must have been abandoned a long time ago. Like every single window was broken, ages old industry scrap lying around everywhere. But after all, a bdsm whipping stories 081 e1320355670799 BDSM whipping storiesphotographer has to tell a story and this place told a story without even talking. At this point I didn’t know yet it was all about BDSM whipping stories…

The shoting started. I acted and posed like I was used to. I’m a professional, that part was easy. I was booked for a naked shoting, so I knew what was coming. “Take that black dress off”, Foster shouted. “And now the bra. Yes, yes, yes. You’re doing fine. Come on, play with camera…Now take your pants off and purse your lips… Yes, sexy, so sexy, that’s it… come on… give it all… ”

bdsm whipping stories 121 e1320355813330 BDSM whipping storiesAfter this scene he came over to me with a pair of huge leather bracelets. He said these are the latest thing from Paris and this shoting was for promoting them. So I let him put them on to me. Wow, they were huge. But what did I care. For this amount of money he could put on me in what ever he liked to.

Now thingsturned around and went fast. After he attached these bracelets, he instantly grabbed my hands and fixed them at a rope, which was hanging down from the ceiling.

“Maybe things are not exactly as I said. Maybe I was telling stories. Fact is you are here to get whipped, BDSM whipped…” What was he talking about? I never heard of BDSM before. But he definately acted strange and being naked and fixed to that rope, I finally got scared…

The next moment the whip lashed down on my naked asss. Pain. I was shocked. I wasn’t bdsm whipping stories 151 e1320355995193 BDSM whipping storieseven able to scream. WOOOSH!! The next beat landed on my ass. Sweet pain again… Did I say sweet? Yes, actually it felt bad and good at the same time. When the next strike hit me, I started to get afraid of my self. No doubt. i liked it! How did he name it again? BDSM whipping? I want to get BDSM whipped for the rest of my life…

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